Thursday, 22 November 2012

Museums & Galleries Christmas 2012

Here's my latest designs for Museums & Galleries, available nationwide now...

Louise Cunningham
freelance illustrator

t: +44 (0)7751 310303


creative.mgml said...

Ooh thanks for the mention! :)

Stardi said...

I am sharing this comment in Chinese on Facebook. Basically saying we love your artwork which is very lovely. The distant/space between figures is filled with some unseen but clearly felt atmosphere (perhaps resulting from the perspective from the eyes of the characters?) The body curves of the skaters, the girls holding the dog, and dogs make them so vivid as they are really moving at this moment.

喜歡這位畫家 Louise Cunningham 充滿了假日歡樂溫馨的節令畫作 「Museums & Galleries Christmas 2012」

除了用心細膩的筆觸,在人物彼此相距的空間裡,充滿了一種雖看不見,但卻可以"清晰"感受到的情感隱藏其中 (應該是透過人物眼睛視角和視線的延伸所產生的效果吧?) 。滑冰的人、牽狗的人和狗狗的姿態,流線的身軀形體,讓他們都動了起來。